+20 years of individual background and working together in TIC area
Successfully entrepreneurship experience

Managing Director

Industrial Engineer & Computer Science Degree – MBA.

25 years experience in Technology companies 10 years as Global CTO in ZED (Technology Carrier provider), operating in 60 countries Entrepreneurship experience: co-founder of other 3 companies (Alvento, Wottan Motor, Sakudarte) with success (exit) or up and running Wide background in management, investor relationship, presales, online marketing and social media selling.

Business Development Director

Telecommunication Engineer – MBA.

20 years experience in Business Developing, Product Management and R&D in technology companies Entrepreneurship experience: co-founder of Alvento (2001): creation, growing, international expansion and exit (bought by multinational company) Last 8 years focused in exploring, developing and selling new product and opportunities over the world in ZED, based in AI and NLP services, Advanced Messaging, SSNN and Big Data solutions for carriers.

Operations Director

Computer Science Degree & Library and Information Sciences – MBA.

18 years experience in Alvento and ZED working in Spain and USA as Project Manager and Development Manager In charge of development and operation over 50 projects in Europa, Americas, Russia, SEA and Africa, managing several teams in different countries. Wide background in team management, critical mission projects, 24x7 support and link-point with sales teams.

Technology Director

Telecommunication Engineer – MBA.

18 years experience as developer, Team Leader, Project Manager and Hardware and Software Architect, last 14 in Alvento and ZED Co-founder of GenteIRC, the very first Social Network in Spain and two independent software developing companies as well. Expert in product life-cycle management, from the scratch to definition of development and support and technical deployment specifications, both infrastructure as architecture and development. Wide background in AI, NLP and ML technologies.

Our services

Conversational Artificial Intelligence for user acquisition and process automation


Allow consumers to connect and communicate with the company directly from the profiles of Social Networks and messaging Apps.

Provide personalized and instant information automatically

Obtain the qualification of the potential customer

Promotional and recruitment campaigns in channels with open rates 10 times higher than email


Enabling consumers to easily get the information and confidence they need to make purchases directly from the messaging channels they use every day.

Provide answers to frequently asked questions

Get buying advice and detailed information on products / services before making the purchase, without the need for phone calls or visiting any website

Customer Support

Communicate with customers in the same way and through the same channels that they usually use to communicate with their family and friends.

Automation of customer service and support

Integration with systems of private customer areas to allow consultation of services, invoices, balances and order status

Our advantages
24/7 Service
Cost Saving
Instant reply
Available where your clients are
Loyalty building
Less Marketing investment
Better open rate on campaigns
Better conversion rate


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