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We are a company specialized in Conversational AI and automation. We make sure to transform and improve the way people communicate with companies and institutions by developing customized chatbots.

We design customized solutions, so that companies can offer their customers quality conversational experiences through the messaging channels they use on a daily basis.

Aunoa was born from the passion and vision of a group of managers and technicians with more than 20 years of experience in IT projects at an international level. We believe in the idea of transforming the way companies connect with their customers, so we don’t just talk about algorithms and code, we value the humanity in technology.

We draw inspiration from everyday conversations, friendly gestures, genuine empathy. We want companies to communicate with their customers in a real, personal and authentic way.

Our purpose is to make technology friendlier, warmer and more approachable. We don’t just build chatbots with artificial intelligence; we help build strong and lasting relationships between companies and their customers.

What is Aunoa?

Why trust Aunoa

AI + human supervision

Continuous training and AI supervision

After the development of a chatbot, we train and monitor the AI on a daily basis to guarantee optimal performance, ensure continuous improvement and optimize the Knowledge Base or automation flows proactively.


Custom chatbots development in 4 weeks

Integrations, AI training and go-to-production with very short implementation times. We offer a 100% managed service: we take care of everything so you don’t have to worry about anything!


Team with more than 20 years experience

Team with more than 20 years of experience Our management team has more than 20 years of experience in the development and implementation of technology projects for international companies and institutions, and more than 5 years in the design of conversational experiences, development of chatbots and in the application of AI.

Tested solution

Guaranteed automation ratios

We create customized chatbots for eCommerce, Banking, Utilities, Telco… achieving automation rates up to 90%. We implement a pre-trained NLP model that empowers conversations from the moment they are launched, taking full advantage of generative AI innovation.

Discover the soul of automation in Aunoa. Our name means ‘automaton’ in Maori, the language of native New Zealanders, and embodies more than just technology; it represents the human spirit of the Maori ‘haka’.ma of automation in Aunoa.

Aunoa is automation, but beyond the technological concept, it reflects the human spirit of the Maori ‘haka’. It is the strength, passion, competence, respect and unity of a team of people.

The meaning of Aunoa


We specialize in creating chatbots that not only simplify, but transform the customer experience.
At Aunoa, we are passionate about the magic of automation. Imagine having smooth and effective conversations across all your messaging channels. Our goal is to take automation to a whole new level and make your customers feel like they are chatting with a friend.


Our values are simple, but powerful: passion for a job well done, commitment to the client, transparency and diligence.
But we also deeply value the creation of an enriching work environment and a committed team. These values are the essence of our approach, which is reflected in every project, where excellence, the client and team spirit are our fundamental pillars.

The revolution of personalized attention

At Aunoa, we don’t just create AI chatbots, we cultivate long-lasting relationships with our customers. We want to be your technological team, and that is why we guide you from the implementation to the achievement of all your goals.

Your digital journey is our commitment. We are your team.

Meet our team

+20 years of individual experience and working together in the area of ICT and Artificial Intelligence companies.

Jose Manuel Sanchis

Business and Product Development Manager

Fernando Pérez

Corporate Manager

Ángel Navarro

Chief Operating Officer

Jesús Iglesias

Technical Manager

How we like to work

We are a united team that embraces integrity, transparency and accountability. The people who work at Aunoa are curious, always looking to learn and improve. We work collaboratively, respecting each other and showing self-initiative to lead through actions that drive innovation. Our values are the foundation of our culture and the driving force behind our success.

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