Marketing Chatbots

Conversational Artificial Intelligence to optimise and scale your Marketing Strategy



Increase sales, drive lead generation and improve customer service with a marketing chatbot

Improve the customer experience.

Communicate proactively.

It stands out from the competition.


Boost your marketing department

Thanks to conversational solutions, you can increase the productivity of your business.


lead qualification


open rate


acquisition cost

Innovative solutions for digital marketing

Find out how chatbots can boost your marketing strategy and increase interaction with your customers.

Chabot with AI

Uses AI to personalize all conversations at scale.

Send offers and notifications

Capture data

Optimise the engagement of your campaigns

Proactive WhatsApp campaigns

Scale your Marketing campaigns interacting with your customers in the most used app in the world. Use massive push campaigns to send notifications and get record open rates.

Simplifies user opt-in

Send mass messages to different lists of audiences

Use text, voice memos, emojis, and buttons to create templates

Mass SMS campaigns

Send massive text messages to segmented lists to complement your marketing campaigns. Notify product availability and build customer loyalty with personalised SMS at scale.

Get record opening rates and redirect to digital channels

GDPR and data protection compliant

Increase the effectiveness of your messages and track the results

Live chat

Deliver real-time communication to delight customers through all the Customer Journey.

Live Chat with specialists

Product advisors

Personal shoppers online

Drive conversions: AI-powered chatbots for marketing campaigns

Optimise interaction with your customers by using smart and effective chatbots in your digital marketing strategy.

Advantages for your customers

Offer a sales channel with 24/7 availability

Send personalized notifications and recommendations

Optimize CX in all phases of the Customer Journey

Proactive messages and notifications

Advantages for your marketing department

Increase engagement in digital channels

Send effective campaigns on instant messaging channels

Improve open rate percentages

Simplifies personalized communication at scale

Maximise marketing results with AI-powered chatbots

AI-powered chatbots can boost your marketing strategy and improve results in a variety of ways.

Why Aunoa?

Record implementation time

Integrations, AI training, automation design and production launch in 4 weeks.

Design of solutions tailored to you

We help you choose the best solution to automate your Customer Service and design a tailored conversational experience.

Integration with your work tools

Our technology easily integrates with Customer Service Software, CRMs and digital channels such as WhatsApp and Social Networks.

Continuous commitment to the success of your project

Proactive training and daily monitoring of AI to ensure optimal performance and continuous improvement.

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The power of chatbot integrations for your business

Our chatbots connect easily with the main CRM software, Support, payment gateways and with your business management tools.

An experience in different conversational channels

Integrate all your channels with a chatbot! Ensure the effectiveness of your support by connecting a chatbot for marketing with your management tools.


Ensure the effectiveness of your support by connecting a chatbot for marketing with your management tools. Discover the latest trends and tips to enhance your experience.