Track your chatbot performance with real-time reports

Boost your business growth by making smarts decisions based on data. Get valuable insights represented in easy-to-read Dashboards.

Check important KPIs to track your team’s results and optimize your chatbots’ performance.

+20 KIPS

of chatbot traffic, users and engagement

+10 KPIS

to analyze how your agents are doing

+7 Dashboards

to visualize automation results, messages, users, conversations… and many other metrics.

Key metrics to evaluate the performance of your chatbot in different channels

Customize dashboards to fit your business needs.

Share KPIs with your agents and teams.

Recurso 5

Use filters to segment information by dates, channels, or agents.

Download information in different formats.

Integrate your data tool to take smart decisions.

Take better decisions and push your business forward with AI Chatbots analytics

5-week Implementation

Custom AI chatbots

100% managed service

Supervised AI

We review the main functionalities through examples in production similar to yours