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Chatbot integrations connect different systems and platforms, allowing chatbots to easily interact with tools and services.

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Integration for a seamless experience

Integrating a chatbot means connecting this artificial intelligence tool with your existing systems, such as CRM's, CMS and messaging platforms, to deliver the best customer experience.

Process automation

Chatbot integration automates key processes and facilitates connection with various tools and services, improving the chatbot's operational efficiency. This allows for a more integrated and seamless user experience.

Efficiency and reduction of operating costs

By integrating a chatbot, companies experience greater operational efficiencies and reduce the costs associated with customer service, freeing up resources for strategic activities.

Continuous improvement of data analysis

Chatbot integration facilitates data collection and analysis, enabling continuous improvement of responses and more effective personalisation of the user experience.

Discover the benefits of chatbot integrations

Discover the benefits of chatbot integrations It automates responses, reduces operational costs and provides an efficient and satisfying user experience.

Speed of response

Chatbots provide instant responses 24 hours a day, streamlining customer service and improving user satisfaction.

Reduction of operating costs

By automating customer service processes, companies can significantly reduce associated operational costs, optimising resources and increasing efficiency.

Improving the user experience

Chatbots provide an enhanced user experience by delivering accurate and personalised responses, tailored to each customer's individual needs.

Increased productivity and efficiency

Integrating chatbots increases team productivity by freeing up time for strategic tasks, optimising processes and streamlining internal and external communication.

Examples of chatbot integrations

Connecting chatbots with your core business management tools can make all the difference.

Efficient access

Do your ATC agents need to easily access customer information and resolve queries efficiently?

Do your ATC agents need to easily access customer information and resolve queries efficiently?

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Efficient collaboration

Do your teams need to access and share documents quickly and securely?

The chatbot integrates with Google Drive to search and share documents directly from the messaging platform.

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Efficient access

Are your users looking for an efficient way to schedule appointments, reminders and events?

The chatbot integrates with Google Calendar to automatically schedule appointments and send reminders to users.

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Data management

Do your sales teams require quick access to customer data and schedule sales follow-ups in a timely manner?

The chatbot integrates with Salesforce to access customer data, schedule meetings and send follow-up notifications.

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Why Aunoa?

Record implementation time

Integrations, AI training, automation design and production launch in 4 weeks.

Design of solutions tailored to you

We help you choose the best solution to automate your Customer Service and design a tailored conversational experience.

Integration with your work tools

Our technology easily integrates with Customer Service Software, CRMs and digital channels such as WhatsApp and Social Networks.

Continuous commitment to the success of your project

Proactive training and daily monitoring of AI to ensure optimal performance and continuous improvement.

Discover the power of integrations

Connect your chatbot easily with the main support software, CRMs, eCommerce platforms, payment gateways, applications and any other management tool of your company, directly or through the API.

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