Multichannel chatbots for business

Be where your customers are. Integrate a chatbot into the channels your customers use on a regular basis to be just one click away.


Why go for multichannel chatbots?

Discover how multichannel chatbots can transform the way you connect with your customers across all digital channels.

Improving accessibility and interaction

Connect with your customers on their preferred channels.

Connect with your customers on their preferred channels Support

Find out how multi-channel chatbots improve accessibility and interaction with your customers. Reach your audience on the channels where they spend most of their digital time.

Optimise your communication strategy

Deliver fast, personalised responses on the most popular channels, increasing customer satisfaction and the efficiency of your operations.

Extend your reach with integrated webchats

While webchats are an effective tool for online customer service, the real advantage lies in integrating them with other communication channels. By adopting a multi-channel strategy, you can extend your reach and improve the customer experience.

Omni-channel for an end-to-end experience

According to research, 62% of consumers prefer to interact with businesses through messaging applications.

Popular messaging applications:

Daily users:

Opening rate


Preferred by users for personal communications, photo and video sharing and calls.


70 - 85%

Facebook Messenger

Chosen for personal communications, groups, business chatbots and mobile payments.


60 - 70%


Used for personal communications, groups, channels and large file exchange.


60 - 70%

Instagram Direct

Popular for personal communications, photo and video sharing.


30 - 45%

Do you know your customers and where they are?

It is important to adapt to generational communication preferences.

Baby Bommers

Born before 1965

They value direct and personal communication. Less likely to use rrss and instant messaging.

Favourite channels: email, calls and face-to-face.

Generation X

Born between 1965 and 1980

They adapt to different communication channels. More likely to use email and text messaging

Favourite channels: mail, calls and text messages...


Born between 1981 and 1996

They are digital natives. Active users of rrss and instant messaging.

Favourite channels: Instant messaging, rrss and mails.

Generation Z

Born after 1996

Hyperconnected. Visual and real-time communication. Intensive users of rrss and instant messaging.

Favourite channels: instant messaging, rrss and videos.

Popular communication channels in Customer Service

Multi-channel chatbots allow you to provide customer service on the most popular channels.

WhatsApp Business

Use WhatsApp Business in your digital strategy to communicate with your customers in the same way they communicate with friends and family.


Facebook Messenger

Connect with your customers on Facebook by sending and replying to messages automatically.



Take control of your Inbox by replying to all the direct messages you receive through Instagram.

Google Business Messages

Interact with users directly from Google Search and Google Maps search results.


Improve your business reputation by automating the response of messages and comments.


Respond instantly and improve the quality of your support by ensuring personalisation.


Convert phone inquiries into quick calls, transferring the simplest and most repetitive queries to a chatbot.


Automate texts with 90% open rate.


Why Aunoa?

Record implementation time

Integrations, AI training, automation design and production launch in 4 weeks.

Design of solutions tailored to you

We help you choose the best solution to automate your Customer Service and design a tailored conversational experience.

Integration with your work tools

Our technology easily integrates with Customer Service Software, CRMs and digital channels such as WhatsApp and Social Networks.

Continuous commitment to the success of your project

Proactive training and daily monitoring of AI to ensure optimal performance and continuous improvement.

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The power of integrations in chatbots for Customer Service.

Our chatbots connect easily with the main CRM software, Support, payment gateways and with your business management tools.

Take better decisions and push your business forward with AI Chatbots analytics

5-week Implementation

Custom AI chatbots

100% managed service

Supervised AI

Contact our team to help you find the right chatbot for your business and receive a customised quote.


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