Internal chatbots for Helpdesk

Automate, manage and improve the efficiency of your support team with our AI-based Helpdesk solution.



What is a help desk?

An internal helpdesk is a technical assistance service designed to support a company’s employees by helping them solve technical problems and answer questions related to internal tools and systems. Its objective is to improve the efficiency and productivity of agents, facilitating the rapid resolution of incidents and the management of queries within the organization.

Get to know the functionalities of internal chatbots

Discover how internal chatbots can improve your team’s productivity.

Question routing

Our chatbots can triage complex incidents and seamlessly relay them to human support teams, ensuring that customers get the best possible experience.


AI-powered inbox

When chatbots pass complex issues to human support teams, reps can instantly generate responses and recap conversations for other agents, improving efficiency and collaboration.



Our chatbots can hold conversations effortlessly across multiple channels: Messenger, WhatsApp, web and more, ensuring that your agents are always available wherever internal customers are.



Chatbots automatically detect the language of the query and solve problems by providing global support without language barriers.

Make your agents' day-to-day work easier

Because the well-being of your team is key to the success of your company. Make their work easier and strengthen the performance of your customer service team with our AI-enabled helpdesk.

What are the benefits of using chatbots for technical support?

Discover the benefits of internal chatbots for employees.

Decongestion of agents

By providing automated responses to frequent queries and performing repetitive tasks, in-house chatbots allow agents to focus on solving more complex problems, reducing their workload and increasing their efficiency.

Improved productivity

With the ability to access company information, translate conversations and summarize histories quickly, in-house chatbots make agents' jobs easier, allowing them to handle more queries in less time and improving their productivity.

Improving the experience

By providing immediate and accurate assistance to agents, internal chatbots ensure that employees receive the information they need quickly, improving the quality of internal support and overall employee satisfaction.

Democratization of information

Our chatbots allow all agents to quickly and easily access the company's knowledge base, ensuring that information is equally available to all and promoting a culture of transparency and accessibility.

What can an internal helpdesk chatbot do?

Discover examples of use cases for internal chatbots.

Why Aunoa?

Record implementation time

Integrations, AI training, automation design and production launch in 4 weeks.

Design of solutions tailored to you

We help you choose the best solution to automate your Customer Service and design a tailored conversational experience.

Integration with your work tools

Our technology easily integrates with Customer Service Software, CRMs and digital channels such as WhatsApp and Social Networks.

Continuous commitment to the success of your project

Proactive training and daily monitoring of AI to ensure optimal performance and continuous improvement.

The power of chatbot integrations for your business

Our chatbots connect easily with the main CRM software, Support, payment gateways and with your business management tools.

An omnichannel experience across different conversational channels

Integrate all your channels with a chatbot! Ensure the effectiveness of your support by connecting an AI-enabled chatbot to your management tools.


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