AI Chatbots

Improve the customer experience by automating conversations and processes, with a virtual assistant powered by Generative Artificial Intelligence


You can solve your customers' problems immediately and effectively, with automatic responses through AI Chatbots.

Free your agents by automating the resolution of frequently asked questions. Chatbots with AI allow you to automate more than 90% of conversations in different channels without compromising personalization or quality.

Aunoa multicanal

Natural Language Processing (NLP) + human supervision

NLP technology allows chatbots to interact with the naturalness of a human conversation. 🤖🙋🌐✌️💬

Multilanguage and multichannel, multi-integrated

Deliver quality conversations in different languages from the channels your customers use daily. Additionally, integrate with any software, CRM, or Customer Service tool. 🌍💻✉️🚀📱📍

Key Functions of AI-Powered Chatbots

Automate FAQs

Send survey templates

Appointment Scheduling

Call Redirection

Live Chat

Process and Procedure Automation

Transactional Queries

Lead Generation

Secure Data Handling

Proactive notifications

Smart documentation

Conversations summary

The revolution of personalized attention

At Aunoa, we don’t just create AI chatbots, we cultivate long-lasting relationships with our customers. We want to be your technological accomplices, and that is why we guide you from the implementation to the achievement of all your objectives.

How can AI-Powered Chatbot help your business?

Provide proactive and quality service 24/7

Resolve issues more intelligently and quickly

Automate the first level of assistance across all your channels

Scale your support without increasing operational costs

Offer a real-time assistance with immediate responses

Shorten response times and streamline query resolution

Enhance your team's productivity

Increase your channels without increasing the number of employees

Multichannel enterprise chatbot

Integrate an AI-powered chatbot into the channels your customers prefer to deliver an omnichannel experience across conversational channels

Aunoa + OpenAI

Uniendo la IA conversacional y la automatización de procesos de Aunoa con las capacidades de la IA generativa.

1st Level

Aunoa Technology

  • We automate the resolution of queries in different channels, using our own NLP models, integrated with CRMs, ERPs and software.

2nd Level

Open AI technology

  • We use OpenAI technology to solve queries that traditional models are unable to solve.

3rd Level

human care

  • Our technology allows automatic transfer of chats to available agents and automatic ticket creation.

By combining Aunoa’s technology with the capabilities of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, we create an unparalleled user experience. Smarter conversations, more accurate answers and fluid interactions: the perfect combination to simplify your day-to-day

AI-Powered Chatbots for all business sectors

We develop custom AI-powered chatbots, bringing customer service excellence to every corner of the business world. From financial services to the public sector, utilities, e-commerce, health, and telecommunications, our personalized approach provides solutions that elevate the customer experience in every industry and department.

🗼 Telco

Streamlining customer support, transforming every interaction.

📊 Financial Services

Personalized management and advice, enhancing the user experience.

👩‍🏫 Education

Integrates intelligent chatbots for instant responses, personalized follow-up for each student.

🌍 ONGs

Whether fundraising or spreading the word about your cause, we create solutions that enhance the effectiveness of NGOs.

🏛️ Government

We connect governments with citizens, offering an innovative approach that promotes transparency.

🏥 Health

From electronic medical records to remote customer care, we are improving healthcare services.

🏥 Logistics

Revolutionizes logistics and transportation. Order localization and management, FAQ’s automation…

🎙️📺 Media

Implement solutions that revolutionize the way you connect with your audience.

Boost your business with our chatbots

Discover how our AI-powered chatbots can transform your business in a number of key areas:


Chatbots for Customer Service

Optimises customer service with instant and accurate responses. It offers immediate support, resolves queries and reduces waiting times.

Chatbots for Marketing

Power your marketing strategy with intelligent chatbots. From lead generation to audience segmentation and campaign tracking.


Chatbots for sales

Increase sales with chatbots that guide customers through the sales funnel. From personalised recommendations to simplified buying processes.

For each company, a development. For every problem, a solution

Para cada problema, una solución

Discover how we transform the customer experience. Discover how we transform the customer experience. Explore our success stories to see how our AI-powered chatbots have elevated business interaction to new heights. 🚀

How we like to work

At Aunoa, innovation and commitment go hand in hand. Discover who we are and how we work to provide you the best experience. Become part of our history!


We review the main functionalities through examples in production similar to yours


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