Transforming Grupo Caja Rural customer service through an AI-powered virtual assistant

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Who is Grupo Caja Rural?

Grupo Caja Rural is one of the leading banking conglomerates in Spain, comprising 30 rural savings banks and other associated entities such as Banco Cooperativo Español, S.A., Grupo RGA and RSI.

Founded in 1989, the Grupo Caja Rural represents more than 50% of the total volume of assets of the credit cooperative sector in Spain. Since the formation of the Spanish Association of Credit Cooperatives, Grupo Caja Rural has established itself as one of the main banking groups in the Spanish financial system.


Financial services




6.3 million

No. of offices


The perfect synergy between our brand and our customers



My experience with the Caja Rural team has been extremely positive and continues to be so. I have always collaborated with highly committed and competent professionals who pursue excellence in all areas of bot.

I have always collaborated with highly committed and competent professionals who pursue excellence in all areas of bot. In short, my collaboration with Caja Rural is characterised by its fluidity, dynamism and efficiency, in a working environment that is always pleasant and respectful”.


Problems and challenges

Automation of answers to frequently asked questions

Automating responses to frequent queries is an effective strategy to improve the customer experience and optimise contact centre resources.

Implementing Whatsapp as an asynchronous communication channel

Implementing WhatsApp as an asynchronous communication channel offers multiple benefits and a better quality of customer service for the company.

Offer live chat

Having a system in place to route queries to the appropriate specialist manager to ensure efficient and accurate resolution of customer issues.

Improving uptake

The conversational solution not only helps existing customers, but also facilitates data collection for more efficient customer acquisition.

Caja Rural

Find out how Caja Rural improved its Customer Service by more than 80%.

Functionalities and technology

The customised solution developed for Caja Rural🚀📊😃

Caja rural

Shared and personalised knowledge base

A collaborative and shared knowledge base has been implemented across the group, enabling each entity to benefit and contribute to continued growth. This allows:

Personalisation of responses

Customisation of automations

Easy expansion of the knowledge base

Guided menu

The guided menu provides easy access to the main questions and help topics, organised in pre-defined categories. These categories include, among others:

Access to Ruralvía: user management, identifiers...

Cards: various operations, PIN, blocking...

Transfers: procedure, limits and supporting documents

Additional service enquiries

Commercial information

Online chat for skills

The addition of an online chat facilitates the resolution of more complex operational queries by directing them to the managers available during business hours.

This chat has been designed to refer queries to the appropriate specialised manager, using a system of chat distribution according to specific skills.

Caja Rural

Other functionalities

In addition to the functionalities mentioned above, the system has other features to further enhance the user experience:

WhatsApp Templates

Office Finder

Adaptive responses

Quote Previa

CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Score)

Grupo Caja Rural's conversational solution in action. Results that speak for themselves


Unique users


Conversation automation




Consultation resolution rate


CSAT Bot Satisfaction


Satisfaction CSAT Online Chat

*Data year 2023

*Data year 2023



We integrate Chatbots in the channels most used by your customers so you can offer an omnichannel experience in conversational channels.

In all Grupo Caja Rural entities, the conversational solution is implemented in WhatsApp, while some of them also offer the option of accessing through various social networks, such as Facebook and Instagram, as well as from Google My Business.


Our chatbots are designed to facilitate communication in a variety of languages seamlessly, automatically adapting to the user’s language to provide a more personalized experience.

Specifically in the Grupo Caja Rural, our chatbot is fully configured to interact without problems in Spanish in all its entities, and in Valencian in some of them.

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