Improves Aquileas purchase experience with the personalized products recommender.

What is Aquilea?

Aquilea belongs to Grupo Uriach and it’s a brand that offers nutritional supplements, these rely on natural active ingredients to develop all their products.

Aquilea has a clear path, to lead the european market with natural products and turn them into referral, the objective is offering successful nutritional supplements to enhance health and wellness.


Natural Consumer Healthcare


San Cugat de Vallès

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The perfect synergy between our brand and our customers

“Aquilea belongs to the Uriach Group and is a brand that offers nutritional supplements based on natural active ingredients for the formulation of all its products”.


“By combining the power of AI with the effectiveness of the product recommender, Aquilea users can now discover its full range of products quickly and effectively. Thank you for trusting Aunoa.

Angel Navarro : operations director Aunoa

Problems and challenges

Products personalized recommender development.

Aquilea faces the challenge of implementing a product recommender that tailors the individual needs of each user. This system must gather specific information to provide accurate and relevant recommendations, thus improving the customer’s experience in finding the product that best suits their needs.

Accessibility of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

The accessibility and clarity of FAQs are crucial to address the most common user queries.

Improving the content of the FAQ section will make it easier for customers to resolve their queries autonomously, promoting more efficient interaction with the company’s services.

Implementation of a point-of-sale locator.

The need to direct customers to physical retail outlets or the option of being able to initiate an online purchase is essential.

Developing an effective locator that provides information on nearby pharmacies, or redirection to online shopping, will facilitate the shopping experience both in physical stores and in the digital environment.

Personalized query resolution.

Another challenge for Aquilea, is to meet written queries effectively, without relying on the guided menu.

Implementing advanced natural language processing systems will allow us to resolve queries faster and more accurately, improving customer satisfaction.

Functionalities and technology.

The tailor-made solution developed for Aquilea πŸš€πŸš€πŸ“ŠπŸ˜ƒ

Knowledge base

NLP artificial intelligence

Knowledge base fed with the main questions asked by users and a set of trained expressions, which allow to identify the purpose of the user’s question for automated query answering, that allows:

Customize common answers.

Incorporate new questions/answers

Adapt questions/answers.

Guided Menu

The addition of a guided menu provides easy access to the main questions and help topics organized by categories:

Product finder

Consult dosage

Duration of treatment

When to take Aquilea

Benefits of Aquilea

Aquilea during pregnancy

Aquilea for celiacs.

Accompaniment marketing campaigns.

Due to the integration of multimedia elements, we can also use the bot to enhance Aquilea’s marketing campaigns effectively.

The bot not only facilitates the dissemination of attractive content, such as images and videos, but also stands out by adapting to the landing page the user is browsing. In this way, it can provide detailed and specific information about the product that has captured the user’s interest.

Other functionalities

Pharmacy Finder

Automatic Ticket Creation

Newsletter Subscription

Redirection to Online Purchase.

Aquilea's conversational solution in action. Results that speak for themselves


Unique users


Conversation automation


Products recommended


Points of Sale consulted


New Newsletter subscribers


Positive rating on CSAT

*Data year 2023

*Data year 2023



Our Chatbots easily connect with leading CRM, Support software, payment gateways, and management tools for your online store.

In Aquilea’s case, the point-of-sale API connection was essential to offer users the location of the points of sale only using the zip code of the area.


We integrate Chatbots in the channels most used by your customers so you can offer an omnichannel experience in conversational channels.

For Aquilea, the conversational solution is implemented in Web Chat, offering direct access to it from any of its landing pages.

Ask for a personalized demo and discover all the advantages of Aunoa

Ask for a personalized demo and discover all the advantages of Aunoa

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