Conversational AI

AI technologies combined to deliver effective conversations and interactions

IA conversacional

Conversations between companies and customers can be complex, which is why we designed a solution to simplify this process.

We mix different AI technologies so you can communicate with your customers with natural, fluid, and automated conversations, in conversational channels.

Conversational AI is an effective way to communicate with customers.

We design Conversational Artificial Intelligence solutions that allow you to go beyond automatic answers to frequently asked questions

Our technology

Conversational AI combines Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning to deliver automated human-like conversations.

Mensajería instantánea

Estar donde tus clientes están​

IA Conversacional

AI Chatbots

The software that combines these technologies and allows automatic conversations through instant messaging applications is known as AI chatbot.

Chatbot con IA

NLP - Machine Learning

Automatizar conversaciones, trámites y procesos

This is how we can guarantee natural conversations

Identify through voice or text the intention and context of a question. This includes words, grammar, semantics or different ways of asking the same question.

Evaluate alternative answers according to the percentage of understanding and select the best one to solve the question correctly.

Propose suggestions to ambiguous questions when the percentage of comprehension is not great, delivering fluid conversations.

The track of unresolved questions is used to improve responsiveness.

Natural and almost human conversations

AI models can be adapted to different languages and regionalisms

Chatbots can identify spelling, grammar, and synonyms

Emojis and voice messages allow you to humanize messaging

Voice-to-text message transcription for an effective conversation

Custom expressions allow natural conversations


users per month

Up to 80%



messages per month

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conversaciones al mes

Human-supervised conversational AI

Internet users prefer conversational chatbots, only if they are effective!

IA Conversacional

Continuous training and human supervision of AI-powered Chatbots ensure human-like conversational experiences, effective conversations, and less robotics interactions.

Our goal is to guarantee, through supervised Conversational AI, continuous improvement, Knowledge Base growth and proactivity in relation to user demands.

The Supervised AI allows us to identify questions that are not in the Knowledge Base to increase the AI model and reach automation ratios above 90%.

IA conversacional

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