Cargacar's Virtual Assistant to locate the area technician and connect the user directly with him/her

Who is Cargacar?

Cargacar is a Spanish company incorporated in 2016 and it’s ground-breaking installing electric car chargers Since then, it has established a solid network of highly trained professionals throughout the national territory.

Their track record in the electric vehicle charging sector has provided them with valuable experience that allows them to be a trusted company for those looking to install electric car chargers with the highest quality and efficiency.


Electrical Installations







Problems and challenges

Referring calls from the switchboard

At Cargacar, the main problem they faced with calls to the switchboard was that all users were contacting the same phone number.

Most of the calls received were transferred to the agent responsible for the installation in the area of interest.

Identifying the location of the service

One of the challenges for Cargacar was the efficient identification of the area agent to whom the users’ calls should be forwarded.

To address this, it was crucial to have the zip code information for both calls and WhatsApp messages.

Recovering sales opportunities

When a user communicates with Cargacar via WhatsApp without including the zip code to identify their location, it is not possible to receive the details of the zone installer.

To avoid this situation, it is important to be able to automatically send reminders to ensure that the user provides this information and no sales opportunities are lost.

Automatic data transfer

Simplifying the reception and management of the data provided by the user for inclusion in the Cargacar database or CRM is crucial. 

This involves working on a process of sending customer data to both the assigned agent and Cargacar. In this way, an effective follow-up to the user is ensured and loss of information in the process is avoided.

Functionalities and technology

The tailor-made solution developed for Cargacar🚀📊😃

Call Redirection

To redirect calls to the area agent, an automatic voice prompt is activated asking the user to enter the zip code of his location using his telephone keypad This feature offers several advantages:

Reduced waiting time on the call to obtain location data.

Reduced congestion at the telephone exchange.

Increased efficiency in connecting to area agents.

Connecting with area agents

When requesting information via WhatsApp, it is important to include the zip code of the location where the Cargacar installation service is needed. In this way, it will be possible to automatically facilitate the contact with the zone agent, providing his name and a link to start the conversation with him through WhatsApp thus achieving:

Simplify the search on the availability of zone installers.

A fast, efficient and personalized search experience.

Automatic reminders

When a user starts a conversation on WhatsApp without providing the zip code, a system of automatic sending reminders is activated.

This system aims to incentivize the user to provide the zip code, which significantly increases the chances of the user’s contact with the area agent.

In this way, lost sales opportunities are avoided and the efficiency of the customer service process is optimized

Automatic sending of information

To simplify the process of receiving and managing user data, a system is implemented where an internal notification is sent by e-mail with the user’s data.

This practice guarantees an effective follow-up to the user, facilitating a more agile and personalized communication. In addition, it helps prevent the loss of information during the customer registration and follow-up process.

Cargacar's conversational solution in action. Results that speak for themselves


Unique users


Conversation automation



*Data year 2023

*Data year 2023



We integrate Chatbots in the channels most used by your customers so you can offer an omnichannel experience in conversational channels.

For Carcagar, the conversational solution is implemented in both calls and WhatsApp.


Our Chatbots easily connect with leading CRM, Support software, payment gateways, and management tools for your online store.

In the case of Cargacar, the API connection of installers by area was essential to be able to offer users contact with them only using the zip code of the area.

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